Rethink, Uplink, Transactivate – Harnessing the Power of Flow

Dr Robin Lincoln Wood
21 min readSep 19, 2021

In 2021 a small virtual team has been building a program for global change agents. A free 6-part mini-course that is a prelude to the full Global Change Agent program is launching soon, and it is now possible to sign-up here.

We’ll be exploring this topic in more depth in the Global Change Agent club on Clubhouse Monday 20 September at 0900 PST. You’re welcome to join us.

In conversations this year with thousands of innovative, deep thinkers and doers who see the need for radical transformation and not less bad incrementalism, we’ve been able to distill some key insights into why we seem headed for a 3C future and not the 1.5C overheating that might give us a chance to reverse some of the damage we’ve done to ourselves and our planet.

During this time I’ve also been distilling lessons learned. What follows is some of the simplicity the other side of all of this complexity, law-like principles that can guide us through the maze of our times. To put it at its simplest, we are answering some age-old questions and applying those answers to enable agents of change and transformation to be more effective:

Why does form follow function?

Why do similar structures appear across species again and again?

How does structure emerge from flow, and how does flow shape structure?

Why do the golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence, and the power-law distribution operate across both inanimate and animate phenomena?

Why do multiscale structures and patterns recur, fractally, whether we are looking at the universe, a galaxy, our solar system, our planet, ecosystems, communities, organizations, teams, or individuals?

The Golden Ratio is a design concept based on using the Fibonacci sequence to create visually appealing proportions in art, architecture, and graphic design. The proportion, size, and placement of one element compared to another creates a sense of harmony that our subconscious mind is attracted to. It is also now explained in terms of physics and biology by the constructal law.

The answers to these perennial questions surprisingly also help us harness the power of flow in designing and implementing effective programs of change and transformation.


Much of the current authority and power on our planet seems to believe that with enough of the latest technology and enough money, we can crack the six interconnected, escalating mega-crises we face as a species. While there is certainly a need for…

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